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Justus Property Management | Full Service Property Management

Justus Property Management

Full-service property management

Justus Property Management is a full-service management firm specializing in the professional management of apartment and group home communities throughout Indiana. At the present time, Justus is managing approximately 75 apartment communities, consisting of 2,000+ units. Our services for property owners include:

Management Specialties

Many of our properties are managed on a fee basis and owned by individuals, non-profit corporations and partnerships that are not affiliated with Justus. These properties utilize a myriad of financing packages. Many are subsidized and/or financed through USDA's Rural Development Agency, the Department of Housing & Urban Development, the Internal Revenue Service’s Section 42 Tax Credits, conventional financing or a combination thereof. In short, Justus has experience managing a wide variety of property situations - name the type of multi-family project and odds are it’s in our portfolio. That’s something you won’t hear from many property management companies.


Justus Property Management has an experienced compliance staff that stays current with the rules and regulations of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Rural Development and the Section 42 Tax Credit Program in the State of Indiana.

Why Compliance Matters...

To Residents: Makes certain rent has been determined properly and all deductions are appropriately given.

To Federal Regulators: Ensures that the subsidy payments sent each month on a housing contract are properly figured and not overpaid or underpaid.

To Owners: Assures that your investment is managed in accordance with all applicable regulations in an ever-changing environment.

To the Managing Agent: Our reputation is important to us. Compliance breeds consistency, conformity, adaptability, and equitable treatment. We take pride in our ability to stay abreast of changes in federal regulations and our rapid implementation of those changes into our procedures. It’s a big part of our successful reputation and that reputation is important to us.

The bottom line: If you aren’t in compliance, you won’t be in business very long. Our compliance team is on top of every government change and regulation as they are released. It is as essential to the success of your business as it is to ours. Upon request, we can provide you with the ratings we’ve received from government agencies over the years on our projects and you’ll quickly see that Justus is a company that pays attention to compliance.


The property management/accounting software that Justus Property Management utilizes complies with the requirements of the Department of Housing and Urban Development as well as the Rural Development Agency. This accounting system is fully computerized and the software is a nationally recognized program that was specifically formulated for the property management industry and is endorsed by the Institute of Real Estate Management. Justus also uses software provided by Real Page and Yardi Software for producing and electrically transmitting HUD and Rural Development monthly reports, tenant certifications, tax credit compliance reports and other affiliated reports. Our top-of-the-line software and experienced accounting team makes what is typically a complex activity to be anything but complex. Who would think that reviewing financials, paying vendors and filing taxes would be such an enjoyable experience for an owner? You will when you let Justus do all the work for you.


Maintenance is directly related to each phase of apartment management – it cannot be isolated from other apartment management functions. Maintenance is not just “maintaining property,” it means operating efficiently so that all areas of the community are affected in a positive manner. For this reason, Justus Property Management prides itself on the ability of its maintenance employees to keep up preventive and corrective maintenance each and every year. In most cases, the maintenance teams at each property are employees of Justus. It allows us to put all the tools in place to make certain that things are being taken care of without the owner having to be involved.

Property Ownership

Individually, Steve and Mitch Walters also possess ownership experience in numerous apartment properties. Their ownership experiences benefit all of the owners of properties managed by Justus, as it affords all Justus employees the opportunity to perceive each and every property through the eyes of an individual owner. At the present time, they have ownership as a General Partner, a sole proprietor or through a Limited Liability Company, in more than twenty apartment properties. Justus is not only a Property Management Company, we are in your shoes as a property owner. Revenue up, expenses low, increased cash flow – key components in the coveted Return to Owner that each owner looks forward to every year. We know what it takes to get there because we want it too.

Justus is able to manage properties throughout Indiana and neighboring states. Please contact us to find out how we can help you.


Justus has a strong affiliation with each of the following organizations. We welcome you to reach out to any of them as a reference check or to learn more about their programs.